Four Pool Design Ideas That Are Will Attract More Buyers

If you want more eager eyes on your property sales or rentals then a pool can be a real deal breaker. It will do wonders in the rental market, whether you are attracting vacationers or people looking short stay rentals. It will also drive up the rental yield and increase the value of your property if you are selling or plan to in the future.

Having a swimming in your backyard is not only a fun addition to your home but can also be an aesthetic asset as well. Not every pool has to be an ordinary one, there are a variety of pools that have stunning designs guaranteed to really add to your yards look. Here are a few cool swimming pool designs to consider for your backyard.

1. Perfection Comes In All Sizes

A geometric designed pool which may be small in size but large on impact, imagine a beautifully stacked stone wall with tranquil acoustics as well as a shimmering sight provided by three sheer descent waterfalls. It includes a raised spa which is glass tiles, diamond pattern pavers which are exciting yet elegant and blazing fire bowls which will allow you to complement the clean aesthetic design of your pool even at night. Check out pool designs at Action Constructions for choice designs and inspiration.

2. Rustic Retreat

This design will make it very difficult to differentiate between a natural cliff side hot spring or a man-made swimming pool. This is ideal if you live in a mountain or rugged landscape as it will blend seamlessly into the habitat. It is a ninety six foot long, multi leveled pool with a vanishing edge and river rock interior will offer an unobstructed view of any mountains side vista. The water spills over the main pool’s edge and into the level below, the sound of a calm trickle can be very relaxing and serene.

3. Resort In Your Backyard

A great amount of fun as well as an allure of a vacation resort can be brought by the perfect pool design. For example one that includes a center island as well as connected landscapes and a large moss bridge. In the middle of these pools a waterfall and water slide are included. A beach entry will add to the unique tropical lagoon style of this beautiful oasis.

4. Infinite and Expanding Beauty

If you live by a lake, an infinite pool may be a great idea, one that will make it difficult to tell where the pool ends and the lake begins. A good pool builder can find a way to have a vanishing edge and perhaps a custom made railing align themselves with the panorama that surrounds you, providing the continuity and breathtaking views. This may also be a great pool idea for a beach side property.