Ideas For Indoor And Outdoor Fairy Gardens

A Fairy Garden can add whimsy to any outdoor space sparking creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. A Fairy Garden is all about adding small plants, flowers and structures creating a place that oozes magic, a place where fairies will drop by leaving behind blessings and good luck for the household.

For a party, I once created an indoor fairy garden which I used for the centrepiece, it was a hit and absolutely adorable. I still have that garden I think it will look great on a dresser or perhaps in a small area of the patio. A fairy garden is not only for a sunny and bright garden or outdoor area.

Any tray or container you have lying around can be a great way to start. I had a large wine barrel planter which had been sitting around for years, I used it by filing it with fresh soil. Any container that you have available such as a galvanized bucket, a serving tray or a saucer from under a planter, just about anything.

Creativity is key, any fun little things you may have lying around will work. Rocks, shells, old tea cups, marbles, pine-cones, plants, artificial flowers, glass rocks, a bag of moss, stones, little fairies, a lady bug tire swing (a personal favourite), moss covered rocks, a small birdhouse, anything.

You can often find the perfect items at craft stores and garden supply centres, many odds and ends that dollar stores carry will work well too, there is an online store called Palmates Fairy Garden Store that offers a wide variety of options and very quick delivery. Second hand stores may have doll house items which are excellent. Many of these items may not work outdoors, I have found that they are enchanting in some mini terra cotta pots.

Before you actually get started, it is important to have at least a basic layout of the design you plan on using for your fairy garden. I once drew in the dirt, with the use of a stick where the house would be located, the path leading up and the surround plants , etc.

After that was complete we began laying out the items as well as planting. The garden path we created was made up of crushed seashells that resemble small stones, my girls then began adding the garden accessories in just the right locations. Fairies are not typically used in a fairy garden we did however have some little ceramic fairies left over from a birthday part that we added and the garden looked beautiful.