Want To Keep Your Pool Cleaner?

Is your pool starting to look dirty? Do you want to clean it up before diving in? Well, you will need a good pool pump for the job, and this is where your research is going to start.

What pool pump is worth the time you are going to spend on it?

There is only one pool pump that is going to do the job you want at an affordable price. This is called the “Pentair Pool Pump” and is the best option right now for pool owners.

Here is why you will want to go with this option.


Easy Programming

Self-Adjust Features For Easy Use

Built-In Diagnostics For Longer Life Span

Quiet Operation With Enclosed Fan-Cooled Design

Easy Access And Installation

This is the ultimate pool pump for those who are serious about what they are putting in and want to make this a one-time investment. Why go with something that will break down when this is on offer for your needs? Most people feel this is the best choice on the market because of its robustness and overall value.

The easy setup makes it one of the simplest options for those who want to get the pool pump into place. The goal is to clean the pool of the toxins that are present, which means you will not want to fiddle around installing the pump all day long. If that is the vision you have, it is time to go with something that is as easy to set up as this solution. It will make life easier for you.

This is also quiet, so you are not going to have a motor making noise all the time. Noise pollution is never a good thing, and that is what you are going to want to stay away from at all times. With this enclosed fan, you will know it is not going to make noise.

This is also going to be thorough when it comes to cleaning the pool. It is not going to leave toxins or dirt in places that are hard to reach. It will get everything and pump it out the way you want.

This is one of the easiest solutions a person is going to find and it self-adjusts every step of the way.

This has just been a short review of the Pentair 011018 Intelliflo Pool Pump. Check online for a full list of its features from the official Pentair website. Download the manual and see if its compatible for your existing set-up.

Ideas For Indoor And Outdoor Fairy Gardens

A Fairy Garden can add whimsy to any outdoor space sparking creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. A Fairy Garden is all about adding small plants, flowers and structures creating a place that oozes magic, a place where fairies will drop by leaving behind blessings and good luck for the household.

For a party, I once created an indoor fairy garden which I used for the centrepiece, it was a hit and absolutely adorable. I still have that garden I think it will look great on a dresser or perhaps in a small area of the patio. A fairy garden is not only for a sunny and bright garden or outdoor area.

Any tray or container you have lying around can be a great way to start. I had a large wine barrel planter which had been sitting around for years, I used it by filing it with fresh soil. Any container that you have available such as a galvanized bucket, a serving tray or a saucer from under a planter, just about anything.

Creativity is key, any fun little things you may have lying around will work. Rocks, shells, old tea cups, marbles, pine-cones, plants, artificial flowers, glass rocks, a bag of moss, stones, little fairies, a lady bug tire swing (a personal favourite), moss covered rocks, a small birdhouse, anything.

You can often find the perfect items at craft stores and garden supply centres, many odds and ends that dollar stores carry will work well too, there is an online store called Palmates Fairy Garden Store that offers a wide variety of options and very quick delivery. Second hand stores may have doll house items which are excellent. Many of these items may not work outdoors, I have found that they are enchanting in some mini terra cotta pots.

Before you actually get started, it is important to have at least a basic layout of the design you plan on using for your fairy garden. I once drew in the dirt, with the use of a stick where the house would be located, the path leading up and the surround plants , etc.

After that was complete we began laying out the items as well as planting. The garden path we created was made up of crushed seashells that resemble small stones, my girls then began adding the garden accessories in just the right locations. Fairies are not typically used in a fairy garden we did however have some little ceramic fairies left over from a birthday part that we added and the garden looked beautiful.

Why You Should Opt For A Natural Gas Pool Heater

If you have a swimming pool, you might have thought that investing in a good pool heater is very important. Ideally, your pool heater should warm up your swimming pool within minutes, maintain a comfortable temperature and be energy-efficient. You therefore should also look for a heater that is durable so you do not have to replace this appliance any time soon.

There are different types of pool heaters and it is important to choose an appliance that is a good match for your needs and habits. Ask yourself which features are important and how often you will use your pool heater. See further discussion on brands here: http://pamperyourselfspa.com/. For now we will discuss the different types of heaters.

There are two main types of pool heaters when it comes to energy sources. You can either get a propane pool heater or choose a natural gas pool heater. Both types of appliances have their pros and cons, but natural gas pool heaters are a great option for most residential swimming pools.

Opting for a natural gas pool heater makes sense because natural gas is a very affordable source of energy. Prices can go up and down over the years but overall, natural gas tends to be more affordable than propane and other sources of energy. A natural gas heater might not be as energy-efficient as a propane heater but you will end up saving money since natural gas is more affordable.

Choosing a natural gas heater is a good option because a majority of homes already have access to this source of energy. If you already have a gas line this is very convenient and you wont have to go digging up your back garden.

Natural gas is a more convenient source of energy for your pool heater because all you have to do is connect your pool heater to a utility line. On the other hand, choosing a propane pool heater means that you will have to get a storage tank for the propane. You will also need to find a way to refill your tank whenever you run out of propane.

Natural gas is a good source of energy for your pool heater because it is efficient and affordable. Besides, you will be able to connect your pool heater to an existing utility line and won’t have to spend money on any renovation projects to get access to a natural gas line if you already use this source of energy to heat your home.

Four Pool Design Ideas That Are Will Attract More Buyers

If you want more eager eyes on your property sales or rentals then a pool can be a real deal breaker. It will do wonders in the rental market, whether you are attracting vacationers or people looking short stay rentals. It will also drive up the rental yield and increase the value of your property if you are selling or plan to in the future.

Having a swimming in your backyard is not only a fun addition to your home but can also be an aesthetic asset as well. Not every pool has to be an ordinary one, there are a variety of pools that have stunning designs guaranteed to really add to your yards look. Here are a few cool swimming pool designs to consider for your backyard.

1. Perfection Comes In All Sizes

A geometric designed pool which may be small in size but large on impact, imagine a beautifully stacked stone wall with tranquil acoustics as well as a shimmering sight provided by three sheer descent waterfalls. It includes a raised spa which is glass tiles, diamond pattern pavers which are exciting yet elegant and blazing fire bowls which will allow you to complement the clean aesthetic design of your pool even at night. Check out pool designs at Action Constructions for choice designs and inspiration.

2. Rustic Retreat

This design will make it very difficult to differentiate between a natural cliff side hot spring or a man-made swimming pool. This is ideal if you live in a mountain or rugged landscape as it will blend seamlessly into the habitat. It is a ninety six foot long, multi leveled pool with a vanishing edge and river rock interior will offer an unobstructed view of any mountains side vista. The water spills over the main pool’s edge and into the level below, the sound of a calm trickle can be very relaxing and serene.

3. Resort In Your Backyard

A great amount of fun as well as an allure of a vacation resort can be brought by the perfect pool design. For example one that includes a center island as well as connected landscapes and a large moss bridge. In the middle of these pools a waterfall and water slide are included. A beach entry will add to the unique tropical lagoon style of this beautiful oasis.

4. Infinite and Expanding Beauty

If you live by a lake, an infinite pool may be a great idea, one that will make it difficult to tell where the pool ends and the lake begins. A good pool builder can find a way to have a vanishing edge and perhaps a custom made railing align themselves with the panorama that surrounds you, providing the continuity and breathtaking views. This may also be a great pool idea for a beach side property.

Architects Need Digital Maps For Building Designs

Architects have a job that is demanding, but also one that requires quite a bit of work. This is when people should know more about why they need to have accurate maps for the building designs they are working on. Once people start to understand the reason why the architect needs to have such accurate digital OS maps, they will not mind getting these maps for the architects to work on and know it is going to allow them to have a great building that is going to last them for years.

Mineral deposits can shift over time, but a lot of people have seen this starting to become a major issue with the fracking proposals that are starting to be submitted to local authorities and the mineral harvesting that is going on. Since this is happening, people might well begin to notice that they are getting more cracks in their homes or buildings and this may not be covered by their insurance companies. However, what people do need to realize, is that the accurate maps that are showing the mineral deposits, will allow the architect to take this into account whilst they are looking at ways to design buildings.

Topographical maps are something a lot of people never think about using. However, this is something they might well need to know about. These maps are going to provide the architects with an idea of the lay of the land and how they will need to provide support for the buildings to ensure they do not shift off their foundations or have any other problems. Something that some architect firms are going to do, is to have a stock of maps that will show the different changes that are going on with the land. These changes may not be something most people think about, but these subtle changes can easily affect their buildings.

Maps that are available will also let the architect know about any of the potential sink holes or other underground issues that can affect a building. While this is not really a major issue that needs to be addressed right away, people need to understand that this is going to be an issue that the architect will need to think about. So, digital OS Maps will help reveal some of the issues like this that the architects need to be aware of to ensure they are not going to be surprised if any of these issues appear at a later date. These maps, which will show this, can be the ones that are mineral maps or even the older coal maps that are available.

When people are looking at having a building designed, they may not really think about the way the maps the architect is using is going to impact their building design. By knowing about why these maps are important and the way in which they will affect building design, people will not mind taking a little bit of time out of their day to ensure that the architects have the most accurate maps available. An architect has to deal with a lot of information when designing a building and this is why it takes considerable time to have plans drawn up.

Real Estate: The Do’s and the Don’ts.

Every field has its do’s and don’ts. The same applies to real estate. If you want to do more than just survive then you need to know the ropes.

Do: Get your personal finances in order before jumping into real estate

It´s very important to get your own house in order before buying more of them. Have a clear idea of your existing income, expenses and outstanding loans before complicating your life further. If you do not do so already, spend a month or two tracking everything you spend money on – there might be substantial savings you can make that would free up more cash for investment. If you know there are some big ticket items in the near future (i.e. a new car), make sure you factor that into your calculations.

Do: Use common sense and set aside time to study

If you apply common sense and are willing to set aside significant amounts of personal time to research a deal (i.e. evenings and weekends), then it is unlikely that you will make an expensive mistake.

Most of the time, when people lose money on real estate investment, it is because they haven’t done their homework properly. They bought in a hurry and didn’t spend enough time doing basic due diligence.

Sourced from:https://www.biggerpockets.com/blogs/1458/37970-the-5-dos-and-donts-of-real-estate-investments

Now from the do’s there are the don’ts. Always ensure that the property you are trying to sell is accessible. Kindly be on your feet when showing a house. Body language says more than you think.

The don’ts

Make The Property Hard To Show – There are times when the showings will need to be by appointment only, but that shouldn’t be your default position. Properties that are difficult to show, don’t get shown. Help your client understand the importance of making the property accessible to other real estate agents and their clients.

Put The Combo or Security Code in the MLS – This one speaks for itself. The seller has enough to worry about without you putting the access information on the Internet for the world to see. If you don’t want to take the calls to give out the combo, invest in an electronic lockbox. If you don’t want to take the calls to give out the alarm code, hire a showing service. Part of your job is to protect the property.


Sit Down During the Open House – There is nothing worse than walking into an open house and the agent is sitting down reading the newspaper or watching television. It’s okay to sit down when there are no visitors in the house, but when they are there you should be standing and engaged.

Sourced from:http://www.rlretraining.com/7-dos-and-donts-for-real-estate-agents/

Studies have revealed that people get their appetites for houses wetted by just the images they view. So if you want to sell offer great images of the properties you are handling. Those who do reap handsomely.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), nine out of 10 house hunters initiate their buying experience on the Internet. Twenty-five percent admit that online real estate photography led to the acquisition of their current house. Second only to price, quality real estate photography is the most important part of selling a home. It has never been more important to portray property in a visually aesthetic light that serves to promote its best assets. Capturing the essence of a home is not an easy task, but those who do so correctly may be rewarded with a timely and profitable transaction.

Studies indicate that quality real estate photography is more likely to generate a higher price per square foot. According to information provided by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), “listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $935 and $116,076” more than those that neglect to implement the necessary techniques and technology. Enlisting the assistance of a professional real estate photographer, and their DSLR camera, may result in the following advantages:

  • Receive an average of 61% more views than their peers across all price tiers.
  • Have a 47% higher asking price per square foot.
  • Have an increased likelihood of selling homes priced above $300,000.
  • Stay on the market an average of 10 days less.

Sourced from:http://www.fortunebuilders.com/dos-donts-real-estate-photography/